Meet Katerina Zhavoronkova

by Stephanie Vermaas on Dec 02, 2021

Meet Katerina Zhavoronkova
Katerina Zhavoronkova who we had the pleasure of shooting in the Finding Your Calm Collection. Kate has been modeling all over the world but is currently based in Istanbul, Turkey. We had a quick sec to sit down and chat with her while visiting Istanbul to get to know her...

1. How would you describe yourself in three words? 

Ambitious, adventurous, kind
Wearing the Serenity Bralette + Panty 

2. What are your top 3 love songs?

Elton John x Dua Lipa Cold Heart
Lost Frequencies - Reality
Bacaal & Malo - Africa
Wearing the Pacific Top + Gaia Shorts

3. What’s your favorite piece from the collection?

I fell in love with the Serene Shirt Dress. My favorite one is the brown color way. 😍(Stay tuned for this one!)

4. In what ways do you practice self care?

I try to eat healthy, exercise and listen to what my body needs at the moment. I also do psychotherapy once a week, it helps me put my thoughts in order. 

5. What’s your favorite aspect of mama Earth?

I love the ocean. It gives me power and motivation.

6. What three aspects of life are most important to you?

My family, freedom and the ability to do what I truly like.
Wearing the Kali Bralette and Panty

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