Our Ethical Black Friday

by Stephanie Vermaas on Nov 25, 2021

Our Ethical Black Friday
Yes, we are doing a Black Friday sale but we are doing it OUR way.

Just because we are an ethically made fashion brand doesn’t mean we can’t give you some awesome Black Friday deals and still be sustainable.

So let’s address our Black Friday sale and why we are even doing it….

How are we doing the sale?

Well, since we make everything in small batches we aren’t moving thousands of product with the sale. In fact, what we have included in the sale are styles that we have some left over fabric of. We will use what we have to make your order in our studio when it comes through and therefore it is not mass produced and what doesn’t get ordered doesn’t get made.

Why are we doing it?

As you know our pieces are ethically made in our own studio in Bali @tialsstudio which supports the females that are part of our garment production team so purchasing from the sale helps our small business here in Indonesia. Our brand here sustains 40 people and their families, so it’s our responsibility as a brand to do whatever we can to support them (Black Friday sale and all!)

By holding this sale, not only can we continue to support our team but you can also grab some of your favorite items for you and your loved ones before the holidays while making a positive impact on someone else’s life. It’s a win-win.

Since we are about transparency too, make sure to follow us on IG Stories so you can take a look inside of our studio and meet our lovely team who make your favorite TIALS pieces.

And don’t worry, we ensure our deliveries stay carbon neutral by planting trees on your behalf for every purchase through our partnership @forestsmoothie and @1percentftp

With that being said, the sale is now LIVE! Happy shopping! x

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