Earth Day, everyday.

by Stephanie Vermaas on Apr 22, 2021

Earth Day, everyday.

In celebration of Earth Day, we are releasing a collection dedicated to Mama Earth while also giving back to the planet by raising awareness and by supporting non-profits from 1% for the Planet that are taking care of the environment everyday.

The collection is simply titled ‘Earth Day Everyday’ as we strive to do better each day by making mindful choices in our daily life including what we choose to wear and how that impacts the environment.

Each piece in the collection is ethically made in our own studio in Bali which in turn empowers the females in the local community while also empowering the women that wear this collection to feel good and do good.

For this collection, we have used GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, ECOVERO Lenzing Fibers, Carvico and Repreve fabrics which are sustainable and eco-friendly to minimize our environmental impact further and to support our sustainable fashion movement.

See our lookbook here.

Our goal is to make mindful choices everyday when it comes to fashion and creating our eco-friendly collections in an ethical way is important to us but it wasn’t enough. We know that clothing production emits CO2 and as a sustainable and conscious fashion brand we want to do everything we can to create carbon neutral products which is why we will plant a tree for every order placed on our website. 

Although each THIS IS A LOVE SONG piece was ethically made, the production emits 7lbs of CO2 and the only way to cancel this out is by planting a tree for each purchase. A tree will absorb 48lbs of CO2 each year when it matures so planting trees is the solution and through the ‘ONE TREE WITH TIALS’ campaign you can help us plant and protect more trees, creating a habitat for countless animals, protecting the livelihood for thousands of Indonesians and preventing climate change. 

Studies show that new growth forests absorb more CO2 than old growth forests which is why it’s increasingly important to plant new trees for the sake of our planet. 

 This is an exciting partnershop that we have formed with Forest Smoothie® which you can read about here. And when we say we plant trees, we are actually doing it. We will be publishing quarterly reports so that you know if we are on track with our goals. 

Make sure to keep tabs on our developments by following our instagram page and signing up to our newsletter. In the mean time, please enjoy our new collection and don't forget to post photos of you wearing your Earth Day outfits!

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