by Anita Srikandi on Apr 22, 2022

Environmental issues are still the most important topic of conversation today. This has been discussed since 1970 when the modern environmental movement first took place. To help protect the environment, THIS IS A LOVE SONG has collaborated with Forest Smoothies since 2021 for the #ONETREEWITHTIALS campaign to plant trees in Indonesian Borneo as part of 1% for the Planet initiative. We plant one tree for every item purchased as part of our reforestation project to offset carbon emissions and we have planted 750 trees so far. 

Continuing from this campaign, in 2022 THIS IS A LOVE SONG again commemorates Earth Day by launching the Be Good Do Good Sweater in a special and limited Watercress colourway and will be donating 25% of the sales to our reforestation project in Borneo. With this donation, we hope to help more for the protection of the earth. This sweater is made of GOTS Certified Organic Cotton which is sustainable and eco-friendly to minimize our environmental impact, further and support our sustainable fashion movement.

By using eco-friendly materials, at least we can help to protect the earth even though we know it's not enough. We know that clothing production emits 7lbs of CO2 and the only way to cancel this out is by planting a tree. A tree will absorb 48lbs of CO2 each year when it matures and by donating 25% of the sales you can help us plant and protect more trees, creating a habitat for countless animals, protecting the livelihood of thousands of Indonesians, and preventing climate change.

For us taking care of the earth is a daily job and we need your help to sharing #ONETREEWITHTIALS with your friends or getting the limited edition sweater here before it sells out. 

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