Our goal is to make mindful choices everyday when it comes to fashion and creating our eco-friendly collections in an ethical way is important to us but it wasn’t enough. We know that clothing production emits CO2 and we want to do everything we can to create carbon neutral products which is why we will plant a tree for each purchase to offset our footprint.

THIS IS A LOVE SONG is excited to announce the‘ONE TREE WITH TIALS’ Campaign'our partnership with Forest Smoothie®

Since THIS IS A LOVE SONG was founded in Bali, Indonesia it is important for us to support local initiatives while creating impact on a global scale and with the help of 1% for the Planet we were able to form this official partnership.Through the campaign we pledge to plant a tree for every purchase as we strive to make fashion greener and support Forest Smoothie® so they can take a holistic approach and use the best of modern science and indigenous wisdom to protect and plant trees in Indonesia.

Forest Smoothie® was launched in 2019 and in the past two years has helped fund a school for indigenous children and created a tree nursery program in Borneo, Indonesia where the rainforest along with hundreds of plant and animal species, are being lost at an alarming rate for timber, precious metals and agriculture.Although each THIS IS A LOVE SONG piece was ethically made, the production emits 7lbs of CO2 whereas a tree will absorb 48lbs of CO2 each year when it matures. Through the‘ONE TREE WITH TIALS’we will be able to plant and protect more trees, creating a habitat for countless animals, protecting the livelihood for thousands of Indonesians and preventing climate change.Studies show that new growth forests absorb more CO2 than old growth forests which is why it’s increasingly important to plant new trees for the sake of our planet.