Balinese Lace - Meet the Camila Bodysuit

by Stephanie Vermaas on Aug 13, 2019

Balinese Lace - Meet the Camila Bodysuit
THIS IS A LOVE SONG was born in Bali in 2012. This magical island is mainly known for its unique culture, stunning landscapes and beautiful beaches and sunsets. But there is so much more to Bali than all the picture perfect postcards and instagram posts. 
The Balinese are a creative community and artistic expression becomes a part of life. Specializing in handicraft for decades that they mainly export to the West - from furniture to woodwork to sculptures and woven bags - the list of items you see on Etsy or Pinterest have been made here. 
Besides their talent in arts and crafts, our not so little island also specialises in garment production (big HINT on why we are made here) and it’s a very resourceful place. Indonesia as a country is also known for its traditional fabrics such as Batik, Ikat, Songket and lace work. These fabrics were used in traditional wear and play an important part of many rituals and ceremonies. 
It was only natural for us to incorporate some traditional Indonesian fabric into our new collection. The Camila Bodysuit has a modern halter style shape featuring a delicate Balinese lace that took 4 days to make but a lifetime for you to wear.
Only 50 units are released in this collection.
For question about the product please contact us here (link to


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