5 questions with Talleigha

by Stephanie Vermaas on Jun 19, 2019

5 questions with Talleigha

We had a quick chat with mega babe and TIALS ambassador extraordinaire Talleigha (@Talleigha) and asked her some burning questions....

1. What are your top 5 (love) songs?

Pineapple Sky’s - Miguel 
Dancing in the moonlight - Loploader 
1950 - King Princess 
Bonnie & Clyde - Jay-Z & Beyoncé 
So Into You - Fabolous ft Tamia

2. What are 3 words you think would describe you best?

TALLEIGHA: "The Winning Sperm"

3. If you were an animal what would you be?

TALLEIGHA:  An eagle! I love eagles.

4. What are your plans for this summer?

TALLEIGHA: Live my best life with my favourite people, work hard on my goals, work on myself and take in all the glorious sunshine Mother Earth blesses us with!

5. What are your favorite pieces from the new collection?

TALLEIGHA: The Done Bike Shorts and the Logo Bondage Bra are my two favourites, so comfortable and so iconic! The outfit is a stand out and is so versatile I absolutely love it!

 And if you want to win Talleigha’s favorite pieces from our new collection (link to TIALS) make sure to enter the TIALS X TALLEIGHA giveaway ( to snatch a $600 wardrobe. Competition is open to everyone with a public Instagram page. Good luck!

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