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Why is everybody talking about Zolita? Well for starters her music and directing style is from a queer feminist woman’s point of view. It’s totally a new perspective that was missing in the music industry before, but Zolita is determined to make her vision and voice heard and to be the voice of this new proud and queer generation. We caught up with this enchanting songstress to talk more in depth about self-directing her videos, the message behind her latest EP and how she takes care of her mental health.


What is your favorite part about directing your own music videos?

The best part is having full creative control. I'm involved in every part of the process from pre to post production. I get to say what I want to say exactly how I want to say it.

What is the main message you want people to get out of your new EP Sappho?

My last EP was very conceptual, but I see Sappho as more a body of work. Sonically it's me transitioning into more of a pop space as gracefully as possible - and still maintaining that dark R&B sound I love. The EP is super queer and doesn't shy away from using female pronouns, ultimately I want young queer people to have music to relate to.


How long did it take you (from start to finish) to complete the EP Sappho?

Years! After Immaculate Conception, there were so many songs I wrote, recorded, and dropped before I met Paige & Lee. Once I started working with them in 2017, pretty much every song we made together ended up on the EP. There are so many to come ;)


What was your favorite part about making the music video “New You”

My favorite part about making "New You" was how cathartic it was. Singing those lyrics and crying in the shower, stomping around the fire and getting out the anger I still held from the situation I sing about in the song - it was very healing.


Out of all your music videos, which one has been the most fun to work on?

Oh man that's so tough - each one has been so fun to do. I think I'd have to say Holy because all of my friends & crew stayed in the schoolhouse we shot it in for a weekend, so it was like summer camp.

When you’re not making music or directing, what other activities do you like to partake in?

I love cooking! I've always cooked for my roommates in the past, and now I love cooking for my girlfriend. It's so relaxing. My favorite thing to make right now is beet risotto. I also practice magic and kundalini yoga, that's a huge part of my life


Self care and self love is very important. Whenever you’re feeling stressed (whether it’s about a new project or other life changes), how do you take care of yourself mentally and physically?

I get pretty bad situational anxiety, so that's definitely something I've had to learn how to cope with. Kundalini yoga & meditation helps me a lot. Surrounding myself with close friends who know me well also helps, and a little netflix escapism doesn't hurt. Also making sure I'm eating comforting & nutritional food!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years I'll have at least two visual albums out, will be writing & directing a TV show, & will be accepting an award for best music video at the VMA's! And I'll live in a cute LA house with a magical outdoor space perfect for dinner parties.



Check out Zolita's New EP Sappho and her self-directed music videos.



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