Why Millennial Pink is Here To Stay

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Also known as Tumblr Pink and Scandi Pink, Millennial pink became somewhat of an icon in millennial culture. 

Millennial Pink Lingerie

Millennial pink first surfaced in 2012, but it really came to fruition summer 2016. Despite pink being typically characterized as female, millennial pink stands as a symbol of gender fluidity, independence, and freedom of creativity.

Although millennial pink is no doubt a chapter of the future for this generation, it pays homage to the classic, more stereotypical pink icons, including Paris Hilton and the Juicy Couture tracksuits, Clueless, Barbie and other 90’s blasts from the past.

Not only does the color represent a visual liberal freedom, it emphasizes aesthetics. In this day and age, specifically for the millennial generation, aesthetics are currency, it earns you trust and credibility. Our social media world is aesthetically driven, and millennial pink perfectly complemented and furthered fanning that flame.

Millennial Pink Lingerie

The symbiosis of what the color means, freedom of thought and expression, with an undeniable attractiveness makes this millennial pink trend irresistible to the social savvy youth. It's the best of both worlds.

Additionally, studies show that millennials have a fondness for nostalgia. A repercussion of it being increasingly difficult for the millennial generation to reach certain markers of adulthood, such as owning property or having lifelong jobs. This childhood longing is apparent in the mass consumption of cartoons, unicorns, mermaids, etc. by the millennial age bracket. The color of pink, and specifically the millennial baby pink, is a soothing tribute to that simpler time.

Millennials are constantly redefining what it means to be an adult, whether that be through fashion, food, interests, or media consumption. It seems only fitting that having a color to represent that the individuality of this generation would be wildly loved and appreciated.

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