What is TIALS.World?

by Stephanie Vermaas on Aug 03, 2022

What is TIALS.World?

As you know, THIS IS A LOVE SONG is now facing the new journey into web3 we called TIALS.World. With Web3 and the new age of the internet we see an opportunity to take this a step further by empowering YOU to be involved and to design and create the clothes with us and collaborate with the creators to make a difference in sustainable fashion. We see the power of Web3 as a way to harness and scale sustainability by creating more meaningful products and producing less waste but providing more value to everyone involved.

A brand by you for you - this is your world!

Now let’s fill you in on more of what our project is about:


  • To bring inclusivity and more opportunities in the fashion industry through web3
  • Onboarding sustainable fashion enthusiasts from web2 to web3
  • Scaling sustainability by introducing co-creation and phygital experiences


THIS IS A LOVE SONG was created to empower women - both the women that wear the clothes and the women that make them.

Now we want to take it a step further by empowering YOU to create the clothes and collaborate with the creators to  make a difference in sustainable fashion.

In TIALS.World you are the designer, the investor, the wearer and the change maker

It is the place is where we merge creativity, community and sustainability together to bring you the first made to order, sustainable and ethical brand and fashion hub full of opportunities for fashionistas and creators in web3.


92 million tons of textile waste is created annually from the fashion industry and shockingly,

Every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles is landfilled or burned globally.

What's more, 85% of all textiles go to the dump each year and this reason alone should be enough for all of us to become more mindful when it comes to our fashion choices in order to minimize waste. Thankfully 1 in 2 consumers have made significant changes to their lifestyles to make it more sustainable but it’s not enough.

As the world population grows, the demand for apparel and footwear has been rising with it and with that comes the rising pressure on supply chains and the pressure to reach sustainability goals. As consumer priorities change drastically, the industry has to focus on digital, environmental, and ethical innovation to stay relevant.

TIALS.World aims to harness the power of web3 to not just tackle these issues as a sustainable fashion brand but become sustainable fashion hub where we can solve these problems together and breed the next generation of sustainable fashion entrepreneurs, designers and thought leaders.

TIALS.World is therefore backed by a web2 sustainable fashion brand, ethical garment manufacturing studio and fashion school which has over 300 students! Our roadmap is backed by real life utility and existing use case with the mission to create a world where you can connect with likeminded individuals, learn from the community, launch your brand, get discovered or be inspired to make your next big and meaningful move!

This is the place for everyone in sustainable fashion to get involved whether you are a fashion curator, fashion creative, fashion designer, fashion photographer, fashion influencer or fashion and NFT lover!

Our goal with TIALS World is to literally get everyone involved because sustainability is considered to have three dimensions:

  • environmental
  • economical
  • social

To strike a balance between these three dimensions we have created the TIALS.World pillars which encompasses creativity, collaborations, community and of course sustainability.

This provides a list of endless opportunities of everyone involved as long as you’re not limited by creativity. The sky is the limit!


  1. Designers can submit their work to become the ‘principal in-house designer’ for TIALS.World collection
  2. Creatives can submit their brand concept and designs to get their collection samples funded
  3. Creatives can have the opportunity to get their collection produced in our launchpad (TBA)
  4. Creatives can submit their designs to get digital sample wearables created and funded
  5. Wantpreneurs and fashion entrepreneurs can submit their brand idea for scholarship in SYFB
  6. Photographers, models, influencers can apply to be part of TIALS.World collections and participate in the creative process
  7. Everyone can network and connect to find your next fashion business bestie, investor or customer!


Our NFT collection will serve as a membership pass into TIALS.World and will allow access to mint our designer collection drops which will have a physical fashion item and a digital fashion item connected to it as well as added utilities and access to our launchpad.

Everyone involved in TIALS World whether you are a holder of the membership or designer collection will have voting rights, discounts to SYFB school and THIS IS A LOVE SONG brand, access to events both online and in real life. Holders of the collection will have added utility such as discounts to get the brands manufactured at TIALS Studio and manufacturing partners as well as royalties of secondary sales if the collection item is sold through existing this is a love song retailers.

Our launchpad will act as a place where designers can have their dream fashion brand launched. Besides generating income from our NFT collection minting, and secondary sales we will also receive a percentage of the mint price of all brands that have launched through our launchpad or a commission of the sales of any brands that we manufacture. In return, our community wallet will use these funds to discover and support the next wave of creatives as well as make donations to organizations such as 1 million women.

Besides launching our own TIALS.World NFT collection, our goal with TIALS World is to cultivate the next generation of sustainable fashion creatives and to educate them along the way and having our launchpad act as a place where designers can have their dream fashion brand launched. Adopting sustainable practices, whether large or small, can have significant impacts in the long run but we have to start today as a collective!


Our target customers are not only our existing customers, followers and students of our web2 companies which has a combined audience of over 60,000 fashionistas but creatives and entrepreneurs that are passionate about the sustainable fashion movement and want to be involved, network or launch a fashion career. We are confident we can deliver the roadmap because we have the existing brand experience with THIS IS A LOVE SONG, an existing infrastructure in place with TIALS Studio, and unlike other fashion NFT projects that promise manufacturing, we do in fact have our own design and manufacturing studio with in-house experience since 2013 and have helped launched over 1000 brands.

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