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THIS IS A LOVE SONG is a huge fan of couple fitness model and well-known porn star since 2017 LeoLulu, who recently wore TIALS. LeoLulu is most commonly known on Instagram and Pornhub.

We sat down with LeoLulu to get to know them better, and to thank them for supporting THIS IS A LOVE SONG.



LeoLulu in our Andrea Set (Black)

What is a typical day like for you?

So hard to say! Our life changed so much in one year and since we're traveling, studying, moving to another city and building LeoLulu we barely have no routine! But everyday day in the week normally starts with a coffee and a smoothie together, and ends up snuggling on the couch with a tea and cookies in front of a series!


Tell us how you got into the adult industry and how your journey is so far?

I always loved exhibition and taking beautiful nudes for my boyfriend! Since the beginning of our relationship five years ago, we’ve always enjoyed taking naughty pictures and films while we made love. We are two very sexual persons... and also really into showing ourselves! So at some point, we started doing cam shows and then uploading videos on Pornhub... and here we are! There’s so much I deeply love about our journey but unfortunately there’s a lot of bad sides as well that I have to say it is definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever managed. I personally don’t like being associated with the adult industry because in reality, we are just a couple sharing our intimacy online by ourselves!


Workout-routine / stay on shape

This is a hard one but I’ll do my best to answer! I don’t have a precise routine and I don’t want girls being influenced by me, mainly because everybody is different, and what works for me might not work for you! I used to train very often, like 4 or 5 days a week for about 6 months, but since a couple months I’m too busy and hit the gym only about 2 times a week. When I’m training, I try to be as effective as possible and really push my limits. Something crossfit taught me a while ago. And because I push myself hard every time I can keep the same shape. I mainly focus on heavy weights for the booty and I always try to get my heart rate up, by mixing my workout with some high intensity exercises. I love weight training and CrossFit but I try to incorporate also some other sports like yoga or climbing!


Always sexual person/ what does sex mean to you!

Sex has always been very important to me because I experience it really intensively so it is like another world somehow, in which I can escape. I feel like when I have a lot of good sex my life is more balanced. Sometimes, I get overwhelmed by the ‘'real world'’ and sex takes me somewhere I can just let myself go and enjoy!


Self esteem/body issues advice

I think everybody has self esteem and body issues! I do have some, but I realized that people that are confident are the most beautiful! So I try to fake it until I make it basically, just not think too much about it and act confident. I guess that’s how it works for me but you probably shouldn’t follow my advice! ;)


LeoLulu in our Starry Sequin Bra



Very hard to say because I don’t have so much experience with different guys! And I guess a lot of things in life can have an effect on how sex will be for you and on how you’ll reach an orgasm. As I said, sex is a way for me to escape and to find comfort a cozy place. I guess love, trust, and comfort play a major role for me in order to be able to climax. You have to be able to talk about what you want or like, and be comfortable enough to really let yourself go. This is the most important I think! Forget about reaching an orgasm, and how to, just enjoy the moment, get in the rythme and think about nothing else than the pleasure that comes from being intimate with someone you love. Technically speaking I like it rough, and I especially love to feel his balls slapping my clit when he fucks me hard🙈


Relationship tips/advice

First things first: LISTEN. And then listen some more, and again a little. That’s how it goes for us. We found out that if we let a frustration settle it will escalate into something bigger until it's too big and messes up everything. If you talk about all the things you have in mind when they appear, you might be able to defuse a lot of problems beforehand. By doing so, it will be easier to put yourself in each other’s place which is very important to go along! You have to behave like a team and help each other out! Of course this is a goal and we all get a bit fed up with each other sometimes ;) Of course, having great sex plays a major role in a healthy relationship. And talking about your fantasies is a great way to have more pleasure!


Favorite love song:

Impossible to say because we have so much but here’s a few:

  • The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face - Marcia Griffiths
  • Teach Me Tiger - April Stevens
  • Caramel - Connan Mockasin
  • Punany - Charly Ace & Fay

With a special word out for Joanna (@bountyclub_) a young artist we discover not long ago on youtube and that we totally fell in love with!!

😍 - Seduction - Joanna https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C75uNva-3Uc


What is next for you guys?

I will start studying this year and we just moved to a different city so it’s quite a big step! A lot of things will change in the next months or so but we’re very happy about the point we’re at right now and very excited to share it with our community on our socials :) Business wise we’ll soon release some LeoLulu merch that we’ve been working on for a little while already, but we also have a lot of project with friends that we’re excited about! So many thing ideas and so little time!


Thank you for supporting THIS IS A LOVE SONG and LeoLulu! Make sure to check out LeoLulu on Instagram!

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  • Glib: April 02, 2019

    Thanks for the interview! Might wanna phrase your questions as actual questions with more depth, not just keywords / sentence fragments.

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