Redefining "Sexy" with Wireless Bras

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From a young age, girls all over the world are told that sexiness requires push-up bras and cleavage. Victoria’s Secret bombshell bras are plastered all over malls and advertisements, yet women in Hollywood (such as Scout Willis, daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore) have been stripped of their social media platforms simply because they weren’t wearing bras and their nipples could be seen through their shirts.

There are, of course, benefits to wearing certain types of bras. But did you know that the only benefit of an underwire bra is the shape it provides? That’s why TIALS is redefining “sexy” with our wireless bras.

There is no direct benefit of wearing an underwire bra. In fact, underwire bras are potentially harmful; they are designed to bring your breasts to the front of your body. In other words, you are carrying more weight on your chest, which can lead to back and neck complications. Underwire bras have also been linked to breast cancer due to their restriction on one’s breasts and underarms, failing to allow toxins to pass through them and be flushed out of the body.

That’s why TIALS brings you the perfect wireless bras—for all body shapes and all boob sizes. As opposed to underwire bras, THIS IS A LOVE SONG’s wireless bras don’t restrict the flow of lymph fluid, allowing your body to get rid of toxins faster and reducing your risk of breast cancer. They are far more comfortable than underwire bras, and will adequately support your boobs without harming them.


Wireless bras are also particularly more effective if you:

  • are pregnant (or recently gave birth)
  • are recovering from surgery
  • have a high rib cage
  • suffer from back or neck pain
  • are at known risk of breast cancer

Our wireless bra challenges the media's portrayal of "beauty"—because beautiful shouldn’t mean unhealthy; no one should sacrifice health for image. With TIALS wireless bras, you can be healthy, stylish, and sexy.


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