by Stephanie Vermaas on May 04, 2020


Here at THIS IS A LOVE SONG we encourage and practice a sustainable approach to fashion through our ethical production, fabric choices and our business model. Of course no fashion brand can be 100% sustainable but we can all try. 

Buy good things own them a long time


Well,  fast fashion brands end up with a surplus of unsold inventory because they simply produce too much. Fast fashion often follows a trend so once that trend is over, the garment gets discarded with that trend. How wasteful is that! Some high end luxury brands are even known to incinerate their clothing after a season to preserve reputations of exclusivity. 

Since the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world, we need to decrease our demand for fast fashion by practicing mindful shopping as consumers. Otherwise we will keep feeding the beast that is fast fashion and tonnes of textiles end up in the landfill each year. This textile pollution takes decades to degrade whilst emitting harmful greenhouse gases - a major contributor to global warming which has a drastic impact on the earth for all nature, animals, and humans.



Our way of minimizing this negative effect is by creating seasonless pieces that become staple items in your wardrobe. We don’t follow any season or trend but instead focus on designing clothing that you need in your everyday wardrobe - from intimates, loungewear, work out pieces and apparel.

Small Batches & Drops

We focus on small drops so that we can test the shapes that work and get valuable feedback from our customers on what they want in terms of colourways and styles that we need to repeat. This was the case with the Harlow Set that now comes in multiple colours because you guys wanted it and so we listened :)

Our best selling styles are made in small batches and we avoid holding unnecessary stock and since we make everything ourselves, we are not dealing with minimum order quantities aka MOQ (thankfully!) so we can come out with more designs, but not produce too much!


We want to follow the zero waste model more seriously so we have decided to release items on a preorder basis too (you can now see in the product page if it is a preorder item). And since we produce 90% off our items in-house in our studio in Bali, this means that we are able to fulfill preorders very quickly. You don’t have to wait long since we have already stocked the fabric (and processed the finishing like embroidery or printing). So all we need to do when the order comes in, is to cut and sew the pieces. This is why preorders only take 5 days but sometimes we ship even sooner. Through this business model we are able to offer a wider size range and we are not producing excess stock so nothing goes to waste!

Upcycling Fabric

Oh...and if said fabric was not selling well then we reproduce this fabric into a different styles by upcycling them! Yep, we start getting creative by transforming the material into scrunchies, tote bags and, even uniforms for our staff. We also save our off-cut fabrics from going to landfill by upcycling them as much as we can. Nothing goes to waste!

Sourcing locally & ethically

It is also important for us to source locally because importing fabric by airplane emits some bad juju into our planet. By sourcing locally we are also  supporting the local economy and we have direct communication with the supplier so we are able to replenish our stock easily. However, sometimes there’s only so much of a certain fabric and once they are gone, they are gone. This applies to a lot of the lace styles we have but that just makes the piece extra special IMO. And other times we find really cool deadstock or vintage fabrics and we upcycle them into our own TIALS pieces - and this means that the fabric is limited too and will not get reproduced.

But hey, we don’t sweat it because we have access to amazing eco-friendly fabrics here in Bali and our goal is to move all of our older styles and reproduce them into their more sustainable counterparts by 2021. 

We hope you can support our zero waste approach for a better future and encourage you to shop mindfully for quality pieces that you will keep season after season. 



this is a love song online delivery

Our no plastic policy delivery looks like this.

Upcycled bag by this is a love song

We are using left over fabric and production off-cuts to create these everyday upcycled tote bags, dropping soon. 


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