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Introducing our #TIALSBB of the week, Timothy Heller. Timothy starred as one of our vintage beauties in our Women Try On Fair Trade Inclusive Millennial Pink Lingerie video. We got a chance to chat with Timothy behind the scenes on the set about how different her music is as a solo artist compared to a duo, some facts that no one really knows about her, her future plans and more!

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Timothy in the
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 How would you compare your new solo music to when you were in a duo group?

I think my solo music is a way better representation of who I am. I’m way less stressed about trying to fit a specific genre or look. I’m just writing what comes to me naturally. That being said I think it’s a little less cutesy and feels way more real, to me at least. It’s something I’m really proud of.

What got you into modeling and singing and how long have you been doing it for?

I’ve been singing as long as I can remember! I’ve always been in “bands”, starting when I was like 10, writing about relationships I’d never been in with my bff and knowing how to play 0 instruments. In high school I was in choir and school musicals. But I never got any solos or lead parts so I always was kind of self conscious and thought maybe that meant I wasn’t good. Then I started a band in high school with some friends and that’s probably when I realized I’m actually good at this. Then Dresses started in 2012 and music has been my main focus ever since!

Modeling is fairly new to me, I’ve always enjoyed being in front of the camera and have done little shoots with friends, but not being sample sized/having a body that’s in between straight sizing and curve model sizing, and also being 5’6 it’s been a little discouraging just because I never fit any size requirements for agencies. I always get asked “why aren’t you a model?!” And I say “trust me I would be if I could!” So I’m just trying my hardest to get gigs on my own so people can see my skill regardless of if I’m signed or not. More and more lately companies are looking for more real looking body types (like TIALS!) which is so refreshing and makes it way easier.

What is something that you always bring into your music and want your listeners to feel?

It sounds corny to say the emotion but that’s really the driving force of all of my songs. I’ve never written a song about something that wasn’t actually happening in my life, I just can’t connect to it. Sometimes I write things that are so emotional to me that I can’t record them for a while because I end up crying when I sing them. I just know that that’s the only way I can write a quality song. I’ve tried to just whip out a song just to be producing more and it’s just never something I’m proud of.


Timothy in the
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How would you describe your style, in both fashion and music and who are your icons?

I went through a hard time the past couple of years and felt really pressured to pick a certain sound for my music or else it wouldn’t seem cohesive. I decided to stop focusing so hard on what I SHOULD sound like and just let go and it was such a relief. Now I just write songs without thinking about what they should sound like or what genre they should be, and it works because I think you can really tell how genuine I’m being and that’s what ties them all together, along with my voice. So whenever I’m asked what genre of music I play I always say something like indie, pop, indie pop, alternative, but in reality I have no idea, they’re just Timothy songs haha.

And the same goes for fashion! Growing up I’ve definitely stressed out about how I want to dress instead of just letting go and having fun with it and wearing what I want. I do that now and it’s so freeing! I’ll wear denim shorts and a crop top for weeks on end and then wear a lacy pink party dress. I made a post in a new crazy vintage dress I got and someone commented that they “didn’t think it was my style”, which is just so weird for me because I don’t even know what my style is, why do they get to decide that something isn’t right for me?

That being said, regardless of what I wear in obsessed with vintage clothes. I’ve worked at 3 vintage stores and still sell it online, it’s just another huge passion of mine.

My music icons are Jenny Lewis (rilo kiley), lykke li, banks, HAIM, Lana, Shania, Aly & AJ, Carly Rae Jepsen, yeah yeah yeahs, Stevie nicks, Rihanna and Sky ferreira.

My fav fashion icons lately are Tiny Bangs (@tiny.bangs), Mina Bell (@minaxxbell), Amy Roiland (@afashionnerd), Miranda Makaroff (@mirandamakaroff)


What is something that people don’t normally know about you?

Timothy IS my given name, but it’s also my dads name. He always says he thought it sounded like a better girls name, and started going by Tim when I was born. I get asked about this close to every day haha. In addition to that I’m left handed, have double jointed elbows, and one of my legs is longer than the other.

What would be your dream gig as a musician?

Somehow, I already got lucky enough to play at the Crystal Ballroom in Portland which is my favorite venue of all time, I’d love to play there again with my solo music though. Also Pappy and Harriet’s in Joshua Tres.



When you’re not working, what is something that you do you in your spare time that brings you joy?

I love going on road trips and mini vacations with my dog and my boyfriend. It’s when I feel the most relaxed and in touch with who I am. We went on a month long trip around the US and made a bed in the back of our car and it was the best time I’ve ever had. I love traveling to warm places, and swimming.

What are your plans for in the future?

To continue the personal growth that I started this year, continue to be patient with myself and create art. I also feel incomplete when I’m not doing something with my life to help others so I plan on doing what I can to help the homeless, sexual assault victims, neglected/abused children, the mentally ill and animal charities. I just don’t think I could feel fulfilled in the future unless I actively did what I could to make a difference to causes that are important to me.


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  • Gela: September 09, 2018

    absolutely love this<3 (she is not a liar, people commenting hate on this are just sucking up to her abuser) hope to see her continue collaborating with wonderful companies, she deserves to grow after all she’s been through.

  • Lola: September 08, 2018

    If you guys want to sell your product I would not suggest putting a pathological liar and a controversial person to model for you it gives you bad reputation.

  • Hailey : September 06, 2018


  • Rayann: September 05, 2018

    awe i love her <3

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