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Introducing our #TIALSBB of the week, Sophia Rose! We recently shot her for our TIALS Limited Campaign. We sat down with LA based model and talked about everything from pole dancing classes to accepting yourself. 



TIALS: What is the inspiration behind your social media persona?
The inspiration by my internet persona is probably myself, my immediate surroundings, and other women. I try to concentrate on exuding confidence and comfort in my sexuality and style! 

TIALS: What got you into modeling?
I got into modeling because of my many friends that are photographers. I got comfortable shooting with them which opened more doors for me.

TIALS: How do you keep up your amazing figure?
I workout almost everyday! I started doing pole dancing classes and pilates recently and it has really made me a lot stronger. I also eat really healthily too.

TIALS: What would you say to girls who aren’t comfortable in their own skin?
I would say we all feel that way sometimes. I still struggle with it but it’s important to be nice to yourself. Coming from a place of acceptance and warmth, rather than judgment, has really helped me. 

TIALS: How would you describe your personality?
My personality is such a mix! I can be very fiery and passionate (hello Aries!!!!) but also very low maintenance and relaxed. Sassy, sexy Latina meets silly tomboy.

TIALS: What would your ideal date be?
My ideal date would be something super simple like driving to the beach at night, drinking wine and talking!

TIALS: Where do you picture yourself being in 10 years?
In 10 years I see myself being a BOSS. Maybe owning my own company, traveling the world (possibly with a husband), but most importantly happy with whatever I’m doing. 


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