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Moms are strong. They are selfless. They are dedicated and hardworking. They are also stylish and beautiful (inside and out). We got a chance to interview Mijah, an amazing mother, YouTuber and former US Air Force Veteran, about her daughter, being a mother and her past pregnancy cravings! 

What is your daughter’s name and how old is she now?

     Isa María. She just turned 1 on April 28th! 

What were her first words, if any yet?

  Mama was her first word, of course lol. She says dada, uh oh, and byeeee (super dragged out) 

What is the best thing about being a mother?

      Literally watching her grow. Being a parent is rewarding and selfless. Everything you do, your child is watching and learning from you. From simple things like your mannerisms to how you speak. Even at a young age. Everything I teach her I see her do and it’s truly amazing. 

Did you have any weird cravings during your pregnancy, if so what were they?

Nothing too weird except being OBSESSED with spicy food. I mean SPICY like I would eat a lot of Thai food and go for the spiciest level possible with Thai peppers and all of that. Mmmm so good.

What are your plans for this Mother’s Day?

I’m thinking just hang out at the beach with my family and pack up some food and just celebrate each other in good company. 

What does a mother’s love mean to you?

The world. A mother is your number one support from the jump. If you think about it, moms and babies are with each other for the first 9 months. She feels every kick, hiccup, pain, etc. y’all are almost one person. The love is so unexplainable. There is nothing in the world my daughter can do to stop me from loving her. That’s my heart.

What are a few lessons you learned being a mother that you can share with future mothers out there?

 It’s okay to ask for help and opinions but at the end of the day, you know what’s best for you and your child. How your parents or grandparents did things back in the 70s or 90s or whatever, is totally different compared to how things are now. Go with your gut on things but be open to others’ ideas. 

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