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Introducing our #TIALSBB of the week, Maia Rita! Maia's lively personality has gained recognition from many followers while sharing her life journey on her Youtube Channel. We got a chance to interview her about what her life is like as an influencer.

TIALS: What are 5 essential items that you keep on you at all times?

5 essential items I have on me at all times would definitely be my phone, chapstick, lip gloss, hand sanitizer and a phone charger lol

TIALS: What does your daily schedule usually look like?

My daily routine usually includes lots of naps and lots of eating and then I fit in the gym somewhere in there!


TIALS: How is life living in Las Vegas?

Living in Vegas is super fun and I love it! It's home. Everything being open 24/hours is definitely the best thing about this place, especially because I'm a night owl.

TIALS: What has inspired you to share your life on Youtube and Instagram?

What's inspired me to share my life on YouTube and Instagram would be my best friend, Tana Mongeau, she's the person who introduced this whole world to me. Plus, I love the impact I can have on some people and the example I can set for girls and guys all over the world.

TIALS: How has Las Vegas influenced your lifestyle and fashion style?

Living is Las Vegas has made my lifestyle to be pretty fast paced, actually. There's always a lot going on everywhere. Keeps it interesting. Plus here, you're 21 when you're 16! I wouldn't say there's anything in Vegas specifically that has Influenced my fashion, but I definitely like more of the street wear.

TIALS: What are the negative and positive aspects about being a Youtuber/social media influencer?

The negative aspect of being a social media influencer is 100% the judgmental people who involved themselves just to be mean. A lot of people these days are too sensitive and aren't empathetic enough. It makes it hard sometimes when you post a picture or a video and there's always that 1 person to disagree on everything you do, really can be draining sometimes!

BUT, the positive does always outweigh the negative, by far. All of my following are super supportive, and I couldn't be more blessed to have such a cool "fan base". I feel like I have friends in every inch of the world and I love being able to interact and genuinely get close with all different types of people.

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