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Introducing our first #TIALSBB of the year Harley from Long Beach, California. We admire her laid back yet pulled together style from mixing our Logo Sport Bra Camo with a Burberry Jacket and some Vetements track pants so naturally we had to ask her how she makes it all look so easy because we want to follow suit. 
TIALS: What is your major and how did you become interested in the field?
Harley: My major is Business Marketing and I became interested because all of my life my father has owned his own businesses. He's expressed to me how cool it is to own your business and be your own boss. Sometime in the near future, I hope to use my degree in Business Marketing to help become an entrepreneur.  
TIALS: What are two of your greatest passions?
Harley: Two of my greatest passions are learning and working. Sounds so weird but I cannot sleep until I have finished all of my work and have my work schedule lined up for the next day. I also love learning, you can never no too much.  
TIALS: Who is your favorite musician?
Harley: My favorite musicians are Majid Jordan!
TIALS: Do you wish to continue your interest in fashion and modeling by working with women-owned brands?
Harley: Yes I do! I really love working with women-owned brands because it's super empowering as an 18 year old girl. 
TIALS: What is something not a lot of people know about you?
Harley: Something not a lot of people know about me is that I genuinely love learning about government and politics. It's super interesting to me to learn about the ways things are ran in different countries all over the world. 
See the rest of her interview below....Want to be the next #TIALSBB? Sign up here and don't forget to follow Harley on instagram!


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