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Nichole for #TIALSPINK

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A huge thank you to the gorgeous photographer Nichole for sharing her story with us here at THIS IS A LOVESONG! We created #TIALSPINK to help bring awareness to Breast Cancer and raise proceeds to give to the American Breast Cancer Foundation. Our hope is to support women like Nichole, who was 36 when diagnosed with breast cancer.
"After being diagnosed in late December of 2015 with triple Negative Breast Cancer, I had my first surgery in Febuary of 2016. That was followed by aggressive chemo treatment and more surgeries. I first had my effected breast removed, and after treatment the other was removed, and they started to reconstruct. Four surgeries later and months of chemo, I am approaching my two year mark since being diagnosed and so far I am cancer free." NICHOLE
Here is Nichole's brave and triumphant story!

Meet Nichole for #TIALSPINK from THIS IS A LOVE SONG on Vimeo.

"I have been supported by my parents, friends, and mostly my husband who has never left my side, even when I was bald, had one breast, and tubes coming out of my body.  I still have a couple more surgeries to go if I want my breasts to look fairly "normal".  As you can imagine, my life will never be the same." Nichole

BTS Nichole for #TIALSPINK from THIS IS A LOVE SONG on Vimeo.


"The fear of a reaccurance never goes away.  Rebuilding my life after cancer has been a struggle.  Things happen so fast during treatment but nobody really tells you what to do when it is all done and you are left with your life forever changed. I am re-learning how to love and accept myself." Nichole

Nichole is a photographer based out of Los Angeles CA.You can find more things Nichole at her Instagram: @nicthephotochic

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