Meet Maxine aka @mgxine

by Tamara Dalah on Aug 31, 2022

Meet Maxine aka @mgxine

We recently started a Web3 project called TIALS World where you are the designer, the investor and the change maker. It is the place where we merge creativity, community and sustainability together. With this we become not just a brand, but a sustainable fashion hub in web3 where we launch the next generation fashion creators and thought leader.

With that being said, I’m pleased to introduce you to the beloved Maxine, also known as @mgxine, who is one of our very first brand ambassadors for TIALS World. She is a NYC (Queens raised, Brooklyn based) content creator that focuses on fashion, lifestyle and Web3. Let’s find out a little more about her!

How long have you been in web3 and what made you get into it?

I've been in the Web3 / Crypto sphere since late 2020. I was learning how to trade at the time, and with an arts background I discovered NFTs and Web3 and the rest is history.

How has your journey into web3 been so far?

My journey so far is coming along! I saved myself from bear market disasters, have been collecting more NFTs and networking with others in the Web3 space since then. Completely different vibe from when I was by myself learning about this in the beginning of everything.

What are some tips you can share to those wanting to transition between web2 to web3?

When I was first getting into Web3, it was crucial for me to learn why it is important to know the benefits and reasons of why it is needed. Even when I was learning about crypto overall, it was important for me to know the history of finances and why tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum were created.

Are you currently working on anything that you want to share in web2 and web3?

I have been building my platforms to be Web3 centric, regardless of what the mainstream media has to say. Right now, instagram is my main platform, but I am continually working on other projects regarding Web3 commentary and education.

Who is someone in web3 that inspires you and should be featured on our blog?

I recently attended Satellite Events for NFTNYC and met a lot of wonderful women that are working in Web3 or are active in the space. Since then I've become more inspired and hopeful for women and non-binary people to take over Web3 and make a name for ourselves.

What excites you most about TIALS.World and why?

With the growing concept of linking NFTs to physical items, fashion is 1000% the way to go. To merge digital fashion with physical pieces gets me really excited for the future of fashion sustainability, which is something I continue to align with every day.

How do you balance web3 and your web2 life?

My social media is the perfect example of this. While I post Web3 content mainly, I also post lifestyle and fashion content to have a balance for my target audience.

Any last words of advice?

It is never too late to indulge yourself in the world of Web3. Those who believe the negative misinformation are those with out an open mind. Web3 does have its obstacles and not everything can be perfect, but there is so much potential for the future of the internet and digital ownership.

What's your astrology sign? (Obvs had to ask this one!)

Aquarius Sun, Pisces Moon, Libra Rising!

What does sustainable fashion mean to you?

Everyday I implement sustainability into my fashion, as someone who would previously fall into the tropes of fast trends. I feel that is important to not only care about sustainability for the sake of consumption, but for individuality as well.

What are you most excited with in TIALS World?

I am very excited for this merge between fashion and Web3, as someone who is very interested in both. I am looking forward for this project to reach it’s maximum potential

What is your favorite drink?

If we’re talking normal drinks, I feel like lemonade has to be on the top for me. Used to be a soda addict, but to take care of my skin more I opt for juices and lemonade stuck since. If we’re talking /drinks/, I will stand by Mai Tais for the rest of eternity

If you’re interested in following Maxine in her own Web3 journey be sure to check out her platforms: 

Twitter | Instagram | TikTok | Youtube

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