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Marianne for #TIALSPINK

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We are proud to present our lovely, magnificent friend Marianne for #TIALSPINK, our breast cancer awareness campaign. We have partnered with the American Breast Cancer Foundation to donate a quarter the proceeds from this line to help support women like Marianne, who was kind enough to share her survivor story with us!
"It's been a love and hate relationship I have to admit. When I was first diagnosed I was at an ultimate high; a new relatioship taking off, a steady job to cover the bills, and a new written play that was in preparation to show in the Hollywood Fringe.  Then when the news hit me." Marianne
Watch the video and let Marianne share her story with you

Meet Marianne for #TIALSPINK from THIS IS A LOVE SONG on Vimeo.

"Thank God for that play, it kept me busy..."

Behind the scenes with Marianne! from THIS IS A LOVE SONG on Vimeo.


While this situation was difficult for her she found an inner strength that helped pushed her through.

"A lot of frustration, sadness, self-pity, perseverance, and meditation. Abundant Support, and a gift of time. Definitely an emotional rollercoaster." Marianne 


Don't ever let anything stop you or slow you down!


You can find more of Marianne at her Instagram page here: @Mariannelu_ 

You can shop these look here at #TIALSPINK