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Meet Anni Haase

Meet Anni Haase
Meet Anni Haase - our ultimate THIS IS A LOVE SONG and TIALS girl - yes, she can pull both lines effortlessly which is why she’s the face of our campaign. Anni has been modelling all over the world and she splits her time between Bali and Berlin. We had a quick sec to sit down with her while she’s in the island to ask her some very serious questions…

1. What are your top 5 (love) songs?

Majid Jordan - Patience
Brandy - I wanna be down
Soul for Real - Candy rain
Jon B ft. 2pac - Are you still down
Aaliyah - One in a million

2. Describe yourself in a few words:

Indecisive, independent, curious, open minded.

3. If you were an animal what would you be?

Definitely a Bird. I used to dream a lot that i can fly. The dreams are so real, I’m aware while I dream it.

4. Bali or Europe? And why?

I would always choose Europe over any place in the world. Europe is my home, I love the people, the culture, the diversity... we have everything. The city, the ocean, the mountains, Country side and so on…

Wearing the Piper Bra + Panty in Taupe

5. What are your favorite pieces from the new collection?

My favourite pieces are the tie dye’s - the fit and quality of fabric is amazing. and the piper bra & panties - so comfy😍
Wearing the Zolia Biker Shorts + Alix Sports Bra in Tie Dye.

Check out our campaign with Anni here.


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