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The TIALS crew got to spend a day at the home of the most gorgeous, crazy, and uniquely fabulous new #TIALSBB!
Meet #TIALSBB @LAPNKY (Karen Rubyn).
She is a singer, a song writer, and basically does all things artistic including: hosting parties, designing venues, taking pictures for galleries and writing music for TV and Licensing. She grew up in a small town in Mexico called Miguel  Alemán. LAPNKY was raised on Mexican regional music because her grandfather had his own Mariachi Band (we know, how fun is that?!). However, she definitely has an eclectic taste in music and has branched out musically and otherwise since moving to LA.
" The lyrics are fun and catchy like me. I love how I make friends everywhere I go." -LAPNKY
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We also had the pleasure of doing a short interview with @LAPINKY! 

Check it out below


What do you think is integral to the work of an artist, especially female artist in this industry?


 Never lose faith in yourself. Specially as women we face many injustices, but I think thats what makes me tougher. There for, stand for what you believe in and don't lose it.  Never lose your purpose, why you are doing your art.

Hold ur tits way up.


What role does the artist have in society in general and do you feel women are placed into a specific role?


As an artist, it's one thing to make a difference in this society. As a female artist it's an entirely different world. In my culture, where I'm from it's even worse. They see me as weak because I'm female. I feel that society itself is waiting for our gender to fail. But I'm not giving up! This art is for the people like me that don't want to fit in.
Instead imma stand for me. Imma stand out.
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given and would you give that advice to younger generations?
The best advice I got from a friend who I admire lots. She told me to not be scared of who I really am and what I like.
"Take care of yourself, and stay true to yourself."
Check out more of her work at LAPNKY and @LAPNKY
Don't forget to check out her MUSIC
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