How Going Into Web3 Can Benefit YOU

by Stephanie Vermaas on Jul 22, 2022

How Going Into Web3 Can Benefit YOU

As you know we have begun our journey into Web3 with TIALS.World, an NFT project that comes from a sustainable fashion brand in web2 and now is aiming to be a sustainable fashion hub.

Our goal was to create a space for everyone in sustainable fashion to get involved whether you are a fashion curator, fashion creative, fashion designer, fashion photographer, fashion influencer or fashion and NFT lover.

Although we as a brand were a bit hesitant to take a step into Web3 and all of the unknown that comes with it, we took that leap of faith because of the positive changes and benefits that this new world has to offer. The cool thing is that this doesn’t apply just to us, it can benefit YOU as a creator as well. Web3 aims to change the way creators can produce, manage, and monetize their content as well.

With the digital landscape shifting from Web2 to decentralized Web3, some key benefits are starting to appear. Even though this world of Web3 is still so new and a work of progress, it’s worth taking getting there early and utilizing the benefits it has to offer to creators.

To put things in perspective over how quick this shift into Web3 is happening here’s some names you might recognize that have begun their very own NFT projects!


An online fitness & mental wellbeing community led by Alexis Ren. They guide thousands of women from all around the world in transforming their body and mind one monthly challenge at a time.

Bella Hadid - CY-B3LLA

Another fashion NFT project led by Bella Hadid that celebrates high fashion, women in web3, and love that has no borders.

Here are the main reasons why beginning your very own Web3 journey can benefit you: (Sourced from

1. Greater Creative Freedom

What does a decentralized network mean? Basically, individuals or groups lose their monopoly of the internet—its data and processing power. Control is instead distributed to multiple entities.

Looking at the differences between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, you’ll find that this structure already exists in the form of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. So, it’s nothing new.

What is mind-blowing is the creative freedom that such a network promises, especially on a much bigger scale. Creators will be able to make and manage their own content without having to depend on the software and hardware of others.

Also, consider how much the world loves the range of content already available. And it’s easier than ever to establish yourself as a creator. Web 3.0 is sure to take inspiration and opportunities to the next level.

2. Creative Efficiency

Thanks to technologies making Web 3.0 a reality—like the social and semantic web, cloud and edge computing, blockchain technology, and AI-based innovation—this new system will optimize your life and workflow.

As a creator, your Web 3.0 experience should involve super-efficient data and project management, as well as smooth navigation of the network.

You’ll have complete control over your content’s development and distribution. Building a customer base and partnerships should be just as straightforward, not to mention rewarding.

Additionally, Web 3.0 changes internet privacy. Its decentralized structure means extra transparency and cybersecurity, especially without the inherent risks of data centers collecting people’s information.

3. Decentralized Networking

It’s not just your projects that Web 3.0 will streamline, but your social network, too. Mediums like Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch should grow in power, bringing to the table more ways to share content.

Another trend that should fit right into a decentralized digital landscape is the rise in services focused on helping creators and their goals, from developing algorithms to organizing finances.

For instance, when it comes to connectivity, Community exists solely to improve the relationships between brands and their audiences. And it’s far from the only platform backing the creator economy.

Then, you have big companies like Nvidia, Microsoft, and Meta (formerly Facebook) pushing to establish the metaverse with billion-dollar investments, which creators are happy to embrace.

Fortunly’s metaverse statistics show that Nvidia’s Omniverse has already marked 50,000 downloads, while Fortnite managed to gather 10.7 million players for virtual concerts.

Global connectivity is one aspect of the internet that will skyrocket with Web 3.0.

4. Decentralized Finances

A network that isn't dominated by banks or conventional currency gives creators more control over their finances. Web 3.0 intends to build on that idea.

Cryptocurrency will play a significant part as it continues to evolve and cover the needs of consumers and businesses alike. At the same time, one platform after another—Instagram, TikTok, Medium—adds to the pool of monetization schemes for creators.

The NFT market value has already exceeded $1 billion after selling 1.9 million artworks, with the most expensive piece costing $69 million. Social tokens are also becoming more popular, which users can exchange for a range of services, like discounts, event access, and even revenue shares.

Better yet, Web 3.0 is an opportunity for new and exciting financial concepts to advance. As another startup working to improve the creator economy, DEIP authored Collective Intelligence Lab’s report and unearthed interesting facts.

At TIALS.World, we are taking it a step further by inviting you to co-create with us on our sustainable fashion journey!

This is the place for everyone in sustainable fashion to get involved whether you are a fashion curator, fashion creative, fashion designer, fashion photographer, fashion influencer or fashion and NFT lover!

Our goal with TIALS World is to literally get everyone involved because sustainability is considered to have three dimensions:

  • environmental

  • economical

  • social

To strike a balance between these three dimensions we have created the TIALS.World pillars which encompasses creativity, collaborations, community and of course sustainability.

This provides a list of endless opportunities of everyone involved as long as you’re not limited by creativity. The sky is the limit!


  1. Designers can submit their work to become the ‘principal in-house designer’ for TIALS.World collection
  2. Creatives can submit their brand concept and designs to get their collection samples funded
  3. Creatives can have the opportunity to get their collection produced in our launchpad (TBA)
  4. Creatives can submit their designs to get digital sample wearables created and funded
  5. Wantpreneurs and fashion entrepreneurs can submit their brand idea for scholarship in SYFB
  6. Photographers, models, influencers can apply to be part of TIALS.World collections and participate in the creative process
  7. Everyone can network and connect to find your next fashion business bestie, investor or customer!

At the end of the day, we’re seeing that our world is slowly moving more and more into the digital space of Web3 which is why we urge you to take your first step too. If you’re interested in learning more, getting started or have any questions then join our community so we can hold your hand through this digital venture!

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