Happy TIALS Halloween!

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Today, THIS IS A LOVE SONG will be hosting a Halloween sale featuring our Logo Bondage Bra in black, red, or grey. TIALS is spicing up the Halloween classics this year with our favorite lingerie.

1. The best kind of bad cop. We matched our Logo Bondage Bra Classic Black with black denim shorts, chunky black boots, a classic cop cap, and a pair of aviators. If you don't like the authority, be the authority.



2. Minnie Mouse in style. TIALS vitalizes the beloved Minnie Mouse with our Single Logo Bondage Bra Plaid, a matching tutu, knee socks, eccentric heels, and, of course, the famous mouse’s ears.



3. Every angel has a dark side, and TIALS encourages you to embrace yours with our Rosalie Bodysuit White. We paired it with simple wings, a halo, and a tutu.


4. Rock your inner devil. “Lead me not into temptation,” your crush says, checking you out in your TIALS devil costume. We chose our Logo Bondage Bra Classic Red with a matching sexy skirt, prop devil horns, red shoes, and coordinating accessories (red bag, glasses, jewelry, etc.).


Here's @Catherine_Chi's take on a devil costume. She paired the red Logo Bondage Bra, with a plaid skirt and a statement belt and topped it off with a faux fur jacket. Photo taken by @totomarvs.


5. The not-so-classic TIALS Playboy Bunny. Switch up Regina George’s favorite with our Logo Bondage Bra Classic Grey. We matched it with simple bunny ears and tail, a bowtie, wrist cuffs.




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