Featured in Hypemoon

by Tamara Dalah on Sep 02, 2022

Featured in Hypemoon

It's crazy to think that our journey only started 17 weeks ago and since then we have grown a web3 community who is passionate about sustainable fashion and shaping the future of it! So far we have secured partnership collabs and twitter spaces with some of the industry finest from MyBFF, Boss Beauties, Surge Women, Stardust Society, DressX and Eyes of Fashion just to name a few! The support has been unwavering for this project and our main focus is to continuing to build the best sustainable fashion hub in web3 for you and to pack as much value inside our upcoming NFT collection(s) The Membership NFT pass is only the start and it is your KEY to mint our phygital collections!

As quoted by HYPEMOON: "The Membership Pass invites holders to co-design their own fashionable collections through TIALS Studio’s garment manufacturing services with low minimum order requirements. Manufactured in Bali, TIALS Studio prioritizes ethical production with sustainably sourced fabrics, up-cycled marine plastics, and repurposed offcuts. Fostering inclusivity and real-life opportunities, TIALS World’s mission is to blend support from photographers, models, influencers, creatives, and NFT enthusiasts into a new generation of entrepreneurs in Web3." OH yes.. did we say HYPEMOON featured us today? Yes, they did! 

HYPEMOON is a part of HYPEBEAST and we are so thankful for them featuring our project.

Check it out here:

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By minting this free membership NFT you will gain access to our community + the perks that come with it. Co-create with us, get your samples or collection funded, network and connect to find your next fashion business bestie, investor or customer and much more!

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