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Hey Coachella go-ers! This was my second year attending Coachella Fest and it was all and equally amazing the second time around. From the festival itself to all the day and after parties, the fashion, the music, the art, and of course the road trip to and from Palm Springs with your besties, there’s never a dull moment all weekend long! Here is a little bit about my Coachella experience this year, weekend 1.



To start off, we’re all here for the music, right? Coachella always has a killer line up and this year was no exception. Personally, my love for music ranges from hip-hop to deep house to 80s & 90s pop. My top favs that I saw this year were; The Weeknd, Black Coffee, Kygo, Bedouin, Post Malone, Tyler the Creator, Migos, Aminé, Cardi B, Miguel, and of course BEYONCÉ! Part of the fun of Coachella is running across the grounds (sometimes getting distracted by running into friends along the way) to make it in time to see your favorite artists perform.

If it’s your first time going to Coachella, I have some tips for you. Consider it Chlohella’s survival guide; they don’t call me the mom friend of my friend group for nothing!



Tip #1 : Have a buddy system. My first time going to Coachella was extremely overwhelming, considering just how many people are there and how easy it is to get lost. Large groups are hard to keep together. I would recommend having a few close friends to run around with that you know will not leave your side.



Tip #2 : On that note, if you do choose to go with more people, I would suggest investing in a kick ass set of long range walkie talkies. Cellphone service sucks in the desert, so it’s nearly impossible to get in touch with people you want to meet up with.



Tip #3 : What to carry with you? Hand sanitizer, gum, sunglasses, lip balm, lollipops, spare hair ties, money / debit card, YOUR ID, ibuprofen, tissues, wet wipes, anything you may need in a jam. Carry everything in a small backpack so you are most comfortable, prefferably a clear PVC one so you can get through security faster! I bought one on Amazon. 



Tip #4 : It is VERY hot in the day time and can get VERY cold at night time. This can be a major inconvenience in terms of outfits. If you are staying on the Coachella grounds (camping etc) and plan to be at the festival all day and all night, bring a warm coat for night time. They have on site storage lockers that you can rent where you can keep your things. If you are staying at a house or hotel, this can also work for you. If you plan to go to day parties and come to the festival at night time, try to coordinate your look so you ideally don’t have to run home and change. Leave your coat in the car or carry it in your arms. But trust me, you’ll be thankful you brought it when tempatures drop to 13 C / 55 F.



For my looks, I had several dope pieces from This Is A Love Song to play with! 

For one of my day looks, I wore the Amelie net set and the Melanie Logo pants in black. I hiked up the underwear so it would peak over the pants, and decided to sport the crop top completely free-boob. #freethenipple !! To accessorize, I paired my look with red tinted sunnies and colour coordinated spider jewlery (earrings, ring. See photos). To keep my look sporty-chic, I threw my hair up in a pony and rocked my good old reliable flip flops. Oh, and with glitter on my face, of course.



For my main and favorite festival look, I wanted to try wearing everything in an unusual colour. I love to be matchy-matchy, and so I paired my orange TIALS Power pants and top with an orange bucket hat, orange faux fur jacket, orange tinted sunnies and orange platform shoes. Needless to say, it was not difficult to find me in a crowd. I stood out like an orange highlighter and the best possible way. I threw my hair in braids and slapped some orange glitter on my face to complete my sporty cool girl look. Glitter is always essential!



If you have the chance to go to Coachella, wether it’s weekend 1 or 2, wether you’re camping, in a hotel or crashing on a friend’s couch, I say: GO!!! You will have an amazing time meeting new friends, watching artists live and frolocking the festival grounds with all the other free-spirited festival fans. Gear up, get ready and get out there!


Until next year Coachella!


-Chloé xo


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