5 Ways To Cope With Anxiety

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We know that anxiety can be a pain to deal with every day. Who wants to live their days in fear, stress and worry, without any breaks for relaxation and mental tranquility? With Generalized Anxiety Disorder, this is an everyday reality but you're not alone! There are many people out there that feel the same way and there are also many little ways that you can do everyday to help you get through it. Here are a few things you can start right now...
1. Listen To Music
The songs that you listen to can affect your mood so we definitely do not recommend to listen to break up and sad songs. Instead listen to songs that are uplifting and make you want to dance. Check out and follow our Spotify for some fun playlists that can inspire you. 
2. Coloring
There is something truly soothing about coloring in beautiful artwork, and it has been proven to help anxiety and stress. 
3. Journaling/Writing 
With anxiety comes intrusive thoughts, and these thoughts are coming at you at 100mph with no way of stopping at times. Putting your thoughts on paper can help you release some of the energy that is draining you from the inside. But please remember, you are not your thoughts!
4. Get Moving!
Exercise releases endorphins and this is what your body produces that makes you feel oh-so-good! But you don't have to be a gym junkie or an athlete! You can start small by doing some morning or late night stretches in your room. YouTube is also a great source for yoga videos, breathing techniques and more. And if you are up for it, go for a run in the morning and breathe in the air - connect with nature! Or if you are in LA, come and box with us on October 20th. Plus it's for a good cause. More info here.
 5. Bye Coffee!
As much as we do love coffee, we do have to acknowledge that coffee is NOT your friend when you have anxiety. But the good news is, there are a lot of other herbal supplements that can give you a kick without poking the beast. We love green tea as an alternative plus it is packed with lots of anti-oxidants.
Bonus Tip: CBD 
This is only for the 18+ and ONLY if it is LEGAL in your state (sorry Ohio!)  Not only does it help people with seizures, reduces the risk of diabetes, fights cancer, and is a pain killer, but it also helps with anxiety, depression and insomnia. Our favorite is the Meet Dosist Pen.


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