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Meet Nicole Millar, a sing/songwriter from Sydney, Australia.


1. Describe yourself in 3 words:


-Goofy, Chill, Creative


2. What is your ultimate T.I.A.L.S. piece?


-I can’t go past the legendary logo bondage bra in black I love it because you can pair it with overalls and wear it under mesh shirts.


3. Top 5 love songs:


-Come on mess me up - Cub Sport , Apple Cherry - Nao , Let me love you - Ariana Grande , Thinking bout you - Frank Ocean , Firefly - Mura Masa


4. Where and what are you doing right now?


-Right now I’m preparing everything for my upcoming tour around Australia, I’m so excited so taking it easy today probably watch Netflix later haha.


5. What’s next for you?


-I’m releasing a new single called Signals in October which will be a part of a new EP called Communication which I’ll be touring all October - December.



Check out her EP Tremble on iTunes now!