For our second #TIALSBB OF THE MONTH we are featuring Caroline Burt, star of E! Channel's latest 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' spin off, Dash Dolls. She also happens to be collaborating with us on the first THIS IS A LOVE SONG x COCO BURT collection which is a mini 6 piece range of killer dresses and co-ord sets.

1. What’s your favourite piece from the TIALS X COCOBURT collaboration?
My favorite piece has to the be the Sneak Peak set. I love that it is almost like "Next level business woman" style, but also sexy, giving you that little tease of the side thigh. It is indeed, very out there and you have to be confident to rock it, but it looks amazing on almost everyone, you just have to own it!

2. What are 5 things you can’t leave the house without?
Oh my goodness! I cannot leave the house without
1) A hair brush- My hair is insane and it needs a good brushing about every ten minutes. Gotta maintain the mane ;)
2) My lipsticks- I have two lipstick colors I bring with me everywhere, Velvet Teddy and Honey love. I love to use a small makeup brush to apply velvet teddy and to line the lips then I go in with Honey Love then go back in and blend the two
3) Blotting powder- It can get hot in LA during the day and sometimes you just gotta use that transparent powder to blot your face
4) A sewing kit! You never know when you need one! Your outfit could fall apart at any moment or a zipper could break, or hey even the clips to your extensions may come loose. Trust me, it comes in handy!
5) My notebook and planner! I am so old school! I for some reason just cannot keep my calendar on my iPhone I need to physically see it in written form. As my dolls are This Is A Love Song now, I always show up with my notebook and a pen to take notes and set dates. I always review my notebook at the end of each night and cross each duty I have in it off once its done!

3. What made you want to DJ?
I used to work behind the scenes for some big name dj's and getting to be watch everything from behind the scenes, I just knew I was selling myself short and that I wanted to be the one on the stage, in front of the camera. I grew up having vocal classes and piano classes 4 times a week, and danced for The Washington Ballet, so music was always with me. I decided why not use my musical skills and quit selling myself short and just go ahead and do it?!

4. What’s your favourite love song? 
My favorite love song is "Your Guardian Angel" Which means the world to me. I have it tattooed on my back. I get asked a lot what my back tattoo says and it's peacock feathers with the script "Your Guardian Angel" written inside. The song really spoke to me when I was going through a hard time as a child, and when I was sent away to wilderness, all we had for recreational use was a notebook and a pen so I wrote the lyrics down every single night (because we had no music) and the song really pulled me through wilderness and kept me strong. Now it is on my back forever to remind me that I pulled myself through wilderness, and that I am strong, so I can pull myself through anything that is yet to come. Bring it! ;)

5. What’s next for Coco Burt?

Currently, I actually just finished my third song. I cannot wait to release it. Every time I write a song I keep hearing myself getting better and better and it makes me so happy. The new song is pretty dope and has some dope rap verses in it too. Design wise, I want to continue to keep up with my "next level" thought track. I like to think of everything I do as "Next Level" which means, it may not be for some people. People may think it's weird, not normal, completely out there, but I like to mix the mainstream in with my "next level" thinking and kind of combine the two. It's almost like introducing the mainstream bit my bit to what may be "abnormal". Also working on my youtube channel! Just got to get my computer working it's best so that I can edit these videos easier!